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Technology can be complicated, but managing it doesn't have to be. At NETAID, we simplify IT management so you can focus on what truly matters—running your business.

Founded in 2021, our mission is to empower small businesses with meticulously managed IT services, tailored precisely according to your needs. Pay only for what you require, whether it's remote management, monitoring, or setup. We break down the complexity of IT with our custom agent software that takes care of intricate tech tasks, leaving no room for worry.

Enjoy the ease of round-the-clock surveillance of your network paired with instant notifications during crucial system failures. Plus, explore our plethora of business applications designed to propel your operations forward.

Welcome to seamless and diligent IT management. Welcome to NETAID. Let's explore the future of technology, together.

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NETAID  provides a variety of innovative and comprehensive IT solutions. We deliver quality services in the most efficient way, and our experts will work collaboratively with you to customize our offerings to your particular needs. Book a meeting with one of our consultants to hear more about how we can assist your operation. As a professional information and communications technology consultant, we are often hired to perform expert tasks related to IT. We can advise on the design, structure and efficiency of ICT systems in your organization or on specific projects. Sometimes we may be required to produce business needs assessments and develop information system solutions that meet the objectives of the organization or project. Such needs might include connectivity, security, technical infrastructure issues, compliance with data protection, and so on.


A smooth and friendly user's experience that has been built to ensure the user seamless adoption.
Fluidity and full integration cover the needs of even the most complex companies. The flexibility of Odoo is such that apps can be added according to the growth of your company, adding one app at a time as your needs evolve and your customer base grows.
Thanks to the open source community, Odoo is actively maintained by a large base of developers to meet evolving customer needs and provide new, innovative applications


Efficient Email Management

Email is not only one of the most important ways of communicating, it is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources in business. Information sent by email is generally not stored anywhere else, but simply remains in the employees’ mailboxes. This results in stores of knowledge that span several years and growing larger by the day. For a company to be successful it is essential to secure the information (Backup/Restore), meet legal requirements, reduce resource consumption and still maintain fast and easy on-demand access to employees.


Reolink Surveillance

Reolink started up in 2009, and ever since then, they’ve been devoted to creating the finest security products for consumers and business owners. Their first product was launched in July, 2009, which received rave reviews from customers who are sensitive to both quality and service. Until now, Reolink has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world.


Managed Service Provider

Experience the NETAID Difference

At NETAID ICT Systems & Consultancy, we are more than just a managed IT service provider. We are a dedicated partner, committed to driving your business forward with seamless technological solutions. Stellar IT asset management is at our core. Our team of professionals excels in configuring and managing your assets, ensuring they serve your business optimally. We understand that every piece of technology you use is critical to your success, and we're dedicated to helping you leverage it to its fullest potential. The wireless future is here, and we're ready for it. With extensive experience in wireless solutions, we can help transition your business into the era of untethered connectivity - increasing flexibility and productivity. But we don’t stop there; our proprietary agent software allows us to deploy updates to your endpoints effortlessly. This means less downtime, more efficiency - a seamless flow of operations, allowing your business to stay ahead. Uncover the power of proficient IT management today. Welcome to NETAID ICT Systems & Consultancy, where innovative technology meets exceptional service.

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