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Solutions for all industries

We offer a complete range of solutions from Axis Communications for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs.

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Network devices from Axis open up endless possibilities that analog devices simply can’t provide.

Collect and analyze information and get a deeper understanding of your operations and your customers in your retail branch. As a result, you can protect your customers, staff, and assets, while at the same time controlling costs and improving the retail bank experience.

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What You Need

If you work in a fast food restaurant, you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s fast paced, there are long lines in the restaurant and the drive through. Then you also need to keep an eye out for things like sweethearters and credit card fraud. And that’s before you even think about turning a profit. What if you could get help with it all?

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How We Help

Axis solutions for healthcare have long played a central role in protecting people and property. But these days they can do a whole lot more. Our intelligent video, access control and audio solutions are enabling forward-thinking healthcare institutions around the world to apply new technology in lots of exciting, unexpected ways.

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What We Can Do

Most schools have limited security budgets. So getting the biggest return on your security investment is important. An integrated video surveillance, access control and audio solution from Axis gives your school the best possible protection, while letting you better allocate your resources and save on costs.

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Commercial Power Wash


Video surveillance in commercial buildings protects people and property.

Our commercial security systems protect your properties, and with their combination of network cameras, accessories, and analytics they can protect your profits too. Axis IP technology lets you remotely monitor your buildings, control access, and link up with other devices to automate many property management tasks. Axis solutions are also inherently adaptable and scalable. All our products are built on open standards, so they integrate with other products and software now and in the future. It means your Axis network can grow as your company develops, and that they are equally appropriate for managing a single unit or a massive organization.

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Optimizing processes and protecting assets

To ensure that a plant and its processes are optimized and profitable, you need a complete understanding of its procedures and activity. Axis surveillance solutions give you the full picture by coupling cameras, radar devices, access control, and audio equipment with intelligent analytics. This lets you keep an eye on your entire operation and provides you with the tools to interpret your observations. The same system can also protect your sites from trespassing, theft, and sabotage, and ensure that your employees adhere to safety policies. Remote monitoring allows you to cover multiple sites from a single control room.

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Bring in customers. Keep out crime.

Axis network video solutions can help reduce theft and fraud, and act as a deterrent to protect customers and staff from violence. But it doesn’t end there. By combining our hardware with video analytics, you’ll find ways to reduce queuing times, perfect your store layout, allocate staff efficiently, and, ultimately, increase profits. You can even use your surveillance equipment as a tool for creating a welcoming environment to attract visitors and inspire employees. By combining your Axis hardware with third-party applications from our partners, you can improve security, reduce shrinkage and increase operational efficiency even further.



Discover transparent and secure logistics

Successful logistics is not only about getting things from A to B on time. It’s also about ensuring that the right goods arrive at the right destination without any incidents or deviations.
As goods in transit have become a prime target for organized crime and the logistic chain has become even more fragmented, it’s more challenging than ever before. It also puts higher demands on each part of the chain.
In a business where thousands of claims are filed every day, you win great advantages if you quickly can prove whether you are responsible or not.

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